Living Room Restyle – Get the details

My living room had become the bane of my existence. It was not a very nice place to sit; I hadn’t decorated since we moved in and the furniture didn’t work with the small space.  The time had finally come to restyle the space and create a living room of my dreams.

When I say ‘dreams’, I mean those sensible, realistic ones where you actually work with your space, to your budget and actually consider your needs and family. I am a fur-mamma to four babies and share my life with the clumsiest, messiest man-child that ever-was and ensuring I created a room that looked good an allowed my unconventional family to thrive was key.

To achieve this, my beloved pastels were put to one side, opting instead for a more striking, more unisex and more forgiving palette. I have to say, I found this stretch quite difficult to plan and execute; I had reservations about the amount of dark wood and dark grey.

The Colour Scheme

I knew from the start that a Stocksund sofa was the choice for us. Washable covers were first on my wishlist, paired with the wisdom to not invest in expensive soft furnishings. (It’s been a steep learning curve over the years.) Luckily, Stocksund’s good looks are in no way a sacrifice – had I been a woman with free choice and a full purse, I’d have chosen a very similar looking design.  I selected ‘Nolhaga  Dark Grey’, a charcoal herringbone cover design that would be hard wearing against little paws.

The walls were painted in my only choice and that is ‘Brilliant White’, I’ve painted my office, kitchen, hallway and bathroom this colour and I’m always amazed by it’s chameleon-like qualities that result in a clean and serene space.

The Furniture

As soon as I stumbled across the Hudson range at Next, I knew it was the perfect choice.  I really struggle with mixed woods in a room and wanted something that worked with the existing dark floor. After some intensive measuring, I opted for the corner TV stand and the small sideboard. Mr SV is a gaming fanatic and downsizing his giant TV was not an option, so choosing furniture that could accommodate this and his console and game storage was really important.  I worried that practical choices couldn’t be beautiful, but I’m happy to say I was wrong on that front.

The Finishing Touches

A room is made in the finishing touches and this is always the most fun and most stressful aspect for me.  Choices can make or break a room and being out of my comfort zone in terms of colour made me doubt each choice. I am thrilled with how it has panned out and can’t believe how worried I was.

Soft Accessories

Curtains were quite the concern.  With a large window and the front door side-by-side, the curtains needed to be a heavy weight with thermal lining.  I was really worried about choosing curtains that matched the sofa, as it would end up as a wall of charcoal fabric when they were closed.  White would have been my favourite choice, but an absolute no-go practically.  I eventually landed on these Harris grey thermal curtains from Dunelm.  The quality is really beautiful, they look great and their thermal properties are second to none!

The cushions really add a sense of luxury to the room and velvet and velour are bang on trend.  The large yellow velvet cushions adds a much needed pop of colour and the indigo velvet add a richness – a base note to the scheme that really anchors the room all together.

Mirror, Mirror

The mirror gallery trend was on my living room wish-list from the start, but with a fairly small space, I couldn’t find the perfect vintage choices.  Luckily, Nkuku offeres the perfect choice of ethically produced vintage-inspired frames in multiple sizes and shapes and I was able to select four to create my gallery and add a real sense of grandeur to a previously unloved nook.

lighting, candles and other living room accessories

I’m not yet finished in this department, but I’m getting there.  It takes a while to stumble on the right knick-knacks for a space. I do need to work on the alcove arrangements – there are currently ‘placeholders’ that will be swapped for the perfect pieces.

The vintage style bell jar lamp was a Cult Furniture find and although I still need to find the perfect bulb (I went too white trying to avoid the orange edison tones) I absolutely love it.

Sandwick Bay Candles are always my candle of choice, all natural, all produced in the U.K. with the most beautiful scents. Their subscription box sends me a heavenly candle each month and I love lighting it to relax on evenings.

The Laura Ashley grey mantel clock adds a touch of old-world grandeur to the fireplace, finished with a faux succulent from Marks and Spencer‘s latest range. The large orchid is another find from Marks and Spencer. The Mantel really sums up the eclectic style of the room, classic Victorian elements combined with industrial. It sounds perverse, it shouldn’t work, but it does!

Well, I think I’ve covered just about everything in the room so far. With ornaments to source and a wooden venetian blind still to order, there are the last few tweaks to do. For now I am enjoying every second of my lovely new living room.

If there are any questions, let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

Happy Sunday,