Winterbourne House and Garden

Winterbourne House and Garden

I’ve lived in and around Birmingham for more than half of my life. I even studied at the University of Birmingham and in all those years lived and time spent I had no idea of the beautiful oasis of Edwardian living and breathtaking greenery that is Winterbourne House and Garden.  Now that I’ve discovered it, I know I will be a regular visitor for the rest of my life.

Winterbourne where, now?

My ‘sister-from-another-mister’, Hannah, was the first to visit.  Hannah and her family all live in Harborne and as Californians-turned-Midlanders, they are far more successful at seeking out, visiting and appreciating local attractions. I’d heard Hannah discuss it, I’d seen her pretty pictures on Instagram, but I didn’t really have a clue actually where she went with my brother.  I’m clearly a terrible listener.  In my defence, why would it be in Birmingham, there’s nothing like that in Birmingham, I should know.

Well, I didn’t know and I’m clearly a terrible listener. Sorry Hannah!

The gardens are my favourite place at Winterbourne House. As much I enjoyed my wander around the rooms, (particularly the kitchen that even plays a soundscape of kitchen-life in the Edwardian era) it’s the gardens that make me feel so restored and happy and always lure me back.

Winterbourne Botanical Garden

The garden is Grade II listed and as I wander from section to section, I’m always comforted and restored by its beauty and history. Whether I’m in need of relaxation, rejuvenation or simply a beautiful picnic spot, the botanical garden offers something for everyone.  I am always drawn to the walled garden, with seasonal vegetables, roses and hydrangeas growing in abunance.  The stunning displays of Dahlias are really something to behold too.

The orchid house and conservatory are always places I find myself in. I always just want to curl up in those spots and read the day away.

So much to do in just one day.

There is so much more to Winterbourne House than seven beautiful acres and a stunning Arts and Crafts home.  A range of events, performances and learning opportunities are available for you to soak up all that the experience has to offer.  I have my eye on the rare plant sale and I’m even tempted by the Beekeeping workshop. For those that like to enjoy a more relaxed day out, the tea-room and restaurant offer delicious treats and perfect resting places to soak up the atmosphere and sights.

A dream opportunity

I’m most excited about the very lucky opportunity to have a growing space within the grounds.  I’ve always wanted to grow my own cutting flowers and food, but I lack the space, knowledge or experience.  After waiting for three years and counting for an allotment space, I can’t wait to begin planting.  I go to see the available plot tomorrow and I will keep you posted on the appointment and my progress, successes and failures as I start my journey into growing at Winterbourne House and Garden.

So if you’re local or would like to spend the day somewhere stunning and relaxing, I know you will love this oasis of beauty just as much as I do!