So This is My Life – The Second Week of 2018

‘So This is My Life’ is a new and very personal weekly feature of the blog. The weekly posts will be nothing more than a record of my very boring existence and I can’t wait to share it. I suppose it’s not really for you, its for me and here’s why:

I recently found a diary from 12 year old me. Inside the yellowed pages I had expected to see the dramatic musings of a pre-teen, full of hormone fuelled emotions and confusion. (About the same as now, really.) Instead, I found descriptions of the more ‘mundane’ elements of my 12 year old life.  What I’d had for my dinner was a daily regular, along with brief outlines of school and family life.

I cannot tell you the joy it gave me to relive those days.  The bits I had forgotten, that most wouldn’t even bother to pen, I had immortalised the ordinary and I am so glad that I did. I can’t begin to tell you the joy I felt reliving my life though those words. ‘So This is My Life’ will be a homage to 12 year old me and the not-so-different woman that I have become.

Each day will be journaled on that day, with images from my 24 hours included and the full week of entries will be shared each Sunday evening.

Monday 8th January


Monty running into the bathroom as I brushed my teeth carrying his lead because his papa was faffing with a podcast.


The tall man that repeatedly hit me in the side with his heavy satchel (clearly carrying breeze blocks) on the crammed train. Yeah, thanks for that.


Applewood smoked cheddar toasties made with my fancy new toaster.

The first full week of the year lies ahead and despite the dark mornings and just over four hours sleep,  I feel excited and hopeful for the year ahead.  Monty’s walks are being upped to two a week and if his weight has increased enough, he will be vaccinated on Saturday.  Exciting. He is showing some signs of separation anxiety.  It’s to be expected really after what that little boy has gone through. With some patience, TLC and some informed choices, I’m sure it will eventually settle.

He just has to learn that he won’t be abandoned, that we are his somewhat undesirable, rag-tag pack now.

I am really working on trying to maintain a much higher level of household order this year.  Not easy when your life buddy doesn’t believe in shutting cupboards or doors because he’ll ‘just have to open it again next time.’. To counterbalance this whirlwind of a man, I tend to constantly follow him round, returning things to their home and shutting doors and cupboards. It works to some extent, but really wears me out, so, I’m trying to strike that balance between ‘on it’ and ‘exhausted’. Let’s see how this goes. I wonder how other people manage it?

Country KitchenWork was good today, I’m focussing on productive lunch breaks this year, splitting the time between walks, blogging and growing flowers and veg at Winterbourne House. (I go to visit my plot next Monday – exciting!) It’s so wonderful to develop that ‘trapped time’ into a hugely positive contribution to my life.

My post-work evening comprised of the usual, a touch of laundry, a sprinkle of kitchen cleaning and dollop of vacuuming. I always like to finish my day with a bit of a once over, it just makes the following morning feel that little bit more serene. Ok Tuesday, my life is ready for you.

Tuesday 9th January


Finding three safe and happy cats on return home from work


Watching Monty escape from the bedroom on puppy-cam and being frantic that he went off to eat one or all of the cats.


Sticky barbecue chicken wings with macaroni cheese with a side of blue cheese dip.

I’m still thinking about plans for the living room.  In fact, I can’t stop thinking about plans for the living room. Ever since Mr SV gave up his man-hovel for my office, he made the living room his den. As I went in there less and less it has become very unloved, especially as we haven’t done a thing to it since we moved in.  The walls are a disgrace, the curtains don’t fit (hand me downs from the previous house) and the furniture just doesn’t work and is really knocked about.

The challenge is creating a space that Mr SV can relax in and enjoy his beloved gaming, but also somewhere I’m happy to enjoy with him.

I’ve been saving for a while and want to make sure I make the best choices with my budget. However, the pressure of that is making me really standoffish.

So, I’m researching furniture options and trying to finalise a colour scheme to work around. The difficult part is that I’m always drawn to pale colours, but with a pupper, a clumsy child-man and a trio of kittens, darker shades are going to be the practical choice here. Can I make it work for me? I hope so.  I’ve been putting together a Pinterest board to try to focus my thoughts.  If you would like to have a look please do, and let me know your thoughts, I’m in unchartered Victoria territory here.  All advice and opinions are welcome.

Monty is not doing so well with being left alone.  He’s not left for long hours, but he is pacing and whimpering and  ‘wee wees’ in his bed. This is apparently very bad for doggies as THE last place a dog will go potty is his bed.  This is kind of the first hiccup we’ve had with his rescue, but then of course he will be fragile after what he’s been through.

I’m trying a couple of Kongs filled with frozen low-fat peanut butter to try and make his alone time a treat and to occupy him for a little while.  I was speaking to a wonderful lady on Instagram and she has pointed me towards doggy enrichment.  We will get through this. He will learn that we always come back to him and he just needs to appreciate the peace.

Has anyone else had any experiences with fur-babies that don’t do so well home alone?

Was with my Mum after work and we enjoyed our usually constant chatter.  It’s so good to spend quality time together and to eat together.  You might have noticed that food is important to me, it’s always been a ritual in our family.  An appreciation and celebration of meals, where we come together as a family and eat together. I love that.

Wednesday 10th January


Working from home, in my cosy office was an absolute delight. Also that the days are now light for eight hours. This is a big deal to me.


Not being able to see for three hours after my hospital visit


A vegetarian breakfast – they taste so good for dinner.

Worked from home today as I had a hospital appointment on the afternoon. I’ve started a new treatment for my Inflammatory Arthritis and from what I gather it can ‘eat your eyeballs’ (my words, not theirs.) So off I went to be blinded with fluorescent eyedrops. Though, spying the gorgeous terraced houses on the way was a real treat.  I just love terraced houses.

I sat in the car with sunglasses on for three hours whilst waiting for the drops to wear off so I could drive myself back home. That was not my finest of Wednesday afternoons.

With my sight restored I decided to give myself a little TLC by preparing the most delicious of sandwiches for my lunch tomorrow.  I always seem to make lovely things for everyone else and leave myself with the cold, slightly less beautiful food.  So, I boiled myself the finest free range eggs to make the freshest egg mayonnaise and pea shoot sandwiches for my lunch tomorrow.  I’m going steal myself twenty minutes os sandwich-eating bliss  and I can’t wait.  Note to self: I must not eat them before lunch.

Thursday 11th January


Happy mail! Monty was gifted a gorgeous personalised tote for walkies and days out from the wonderful Rad Bab.


Spending the day sweaty and feeling rather unwell



Quite an uneventful day as I picked up a sickness bug and spent the night and day in bed.

Friday 12th January


Monty meeting me at the train station so we could walk home together


Wrestling a chicken bone out of Monty’s mouth on our walk home


A pitta bread, stuffed full of fresh salad, with a few naughty chips on the side.

How I adore this day of the week.  Always filled with the anticipation of rest and fun. Although I still felt a bit delicate and feverish today, but I was very glad to be out of bed and back at work. Spent the morning photographing and editing images for some new facilities and the afternoon was much more diverse, editing websites.  My HTML code knowledge is really coming on. I couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t quite so dark when I left work today. Yay!

I long for the light and I feel so happy that it’s already on its way.

Mr SV met me at the train station with Monty in the car and I had the pleasure of strolling home with him as Mr SV set off to pick up some groceries and a takeaway. My evening was spent indulging in cuddles, watching more Teen Wolf on Netflix.  I felt far too exhausted to do anything else. Heaven.

Happy Mail  from yesterday was opened today. iThe beautifully wrapped parcel encased a gorgeous personalised tote from Rad Bab. It’s just perfect for packing all his things for walks and visits.

I just love everything about this company, their ethos, their products and ethics.  Absolutely one to watch.

Saturday 13th January


Knowing that Monty is now ideal weight and ready to begin his medical journey to wellness.


Waking too late to do more of my ‘to do’ list.


Baked camembert with fig relish and fresh baguette

The weekends are always really busy as I spend both days with my Mum and try to squeeze as many ‘things to do’ as I can into the mornings.  I was so tired, probably because I still didn’t feel too great and slept in a lot longer than I should have. After a quick breakfast we went off to the vets with Monty for his second check-up and vaccinations. Now at his healthy weight, he was given his jabs and has been given the green light for his castration next week.

Happy Mail arrived containing Monty’s hand-stamped identity tag from The January Rose. It’s such a personal and lovingly made piece that brings me such joy. Monty wears it proudly.

Monty and I then headed to Mum’s together.  I really want Monty to be comfortable with visiting his extended family and that will only be achieved through familiarity.

This is a big deal to me. Monty travels so well in the car and is struggling with being left alone, I want him to be happy and at peace when I take him places.  He came with us to Mum’s at Christmas and he did seem to settle very quickly both times. My beloved boy snored on the sofa between snacks as I got on with things to do and talked the night away with Mum.

By the time we arrived home it was time for bed. I caught up with some blogging, posting my Winterbourne House and Garden piece as well as adding an older article from Victoria’s Cottage.

Sunday 14th January


Strolling in the woods


Laundry. I hate laundry.


Veggie sausage and mash with red onion marmalade.

Monty and I spent the morning at our local woods.  It’s a beautiful spot and somewhere that we always took Arthur to.

I hadn’t visited since Arthur passed away and today I felt able to take Monty and in a way, pay our respects to the boy that he was and the experiences he enjoyed.

Monty loved it and had such fun scrambling up the hills and sniffing his way through the leaves and fallen trees. It was a really restorative Sunday morning.

Today with Mum we spent some time enjoying trashy TV and absorbing the most delicious sausage and mash. I worked my way through some tasks that I needed to do and went home to walk and bathe Monty for his week ahead.  Blogging and watching series 2 of The Crown.

That sums up my week. Was it filled with glamour? No.

But, my life is happier and more fulfilling than it’s been in a long time and I am happy to living it.

Let me know what you think of this new feature.  I will try to incorporate vlogs into the mix, so that they are not so wordy.  I’m really enjoying indulging in the true sense of journaling by sharing the details of my life.

Until next week!