Finding Monty

Finding Monty has been the unexpected highlight of 2017, he brought true magic to Christmas and has delivered such hope and joy for the new year ahead.

I knew how much I missed Arthur, losing him in May was not easy and even a week before Monty was introduced to our story, I found myself randomly bursting into tears when the memory of his big soulful eyes popped into my head. Yet, I had no intention of adding another dog to our home.  Arthur was a rescue and he had been very unwell for about seven months leading up to his passing.  It was such a difficult time and I have to admit, the constant anxiety I had about what I would find when I walked in the front door had lifted.

After Arthur

It’s strange really, just after we lost Arthur, people would ask if we would get another dog and I honestly answered that I had a strange feeling that I would find our next dog.  Mr SV joked that ‘finding a dog’ didn’t count if it was in someone’s garden.  I wasn’t really looking though, I figure if something is going to happen, it happens. I focused on life and forgot about about that feeling until I received a frantic call from my brother on the 15th of December, exactly six months after Arthur left us.

Finding Monty

If you would like the full details on how Monty was discovered, you can read the details on his JustGiving page.  Please note – We are not currently accepting any further donations.  The Instagram community fell in love with this bundle of love and together have raised the money needed to get Monty back to full health.  With no rescue support, we absolutely would not have been able to foster, rehabilitate and adopt this emaciated and unwanted boy.  We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful support.

You all have played a vital role in his rescue. our heartfelt thanks are with each and every one of you that has supported his journey in any way.

Three weeks later

In the three weeks since finding Monty, life feels transformed. He is blossoming before our very eyes; he is gaining weight, he is becoming more calm and settled and he no longer tries to bite off your fingers when you hand feed him. His loving and people-pleasing personality becomes more prominent each day; he loves naps, he has to be cuddled at every opportunity and he loves to have lots to sniff on his walks. If his dinner is particularly tasty, he hides his bowl in his bed.  I cannot believe how lucky we are to have him in our lives. His gentle and loving nature is simply joyful.

However, the most dramatic change is in me. I hadn’t realised how sad I was until I realised how happy I am now. What can I say? I’m a maternal and nurturing woman with an inclination towards the imperfect, the unwanted and the impossible.  Arthur had been the glue of our family, the centre, the heart and without him I had become increasingly distant from my home and my family and I hadn’t even realised. Finding Monty has enabled me to nourish his body and heart as well as my own soul.

The best of intentions

We didn’t intend to adopt him, it was an emergency fostering arrangement over the Christmas period. The alternative was letting him go to the dog pound with a 14 day countdown to euthanasia. None of us were going to let that happen. We insisted on offering a temporary home to work on his health needs whilst allowing his registered owner the official two week period to come forward with a very convincing story of how their beloved boy became abandoned and emaciated without their knowledge or input. That didn’t happen and we didn’t really expect it to. I mean, it could have gone so wrong, inviting a sickly, emaciated stray dog with no knowledge of their personality into your bijoux home with three defenceless house cats.  There were sleepless nights.

He has never demonstrated any aggression to anyone or anything and he is slowly and safely being introduced to our kitties.  We had to really, we fell in love with him after a few days. I mean, who wouldn’t? His relationship with our girls was the only possible deal-breaker in going ahead with making him ours and I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. So, I think it’s fair to say Monty has found his forever home.

He will never again be homeless, freezing and starving.  No-one will ever turn him away again when he asks for help or attention. We adore him.

finding Monty’s Future

The next few weeks and months are going to be so busy. Monty still has bit more weight to put on and will hopefully be able to be vaccinated next weekend and neutered the weekend after.  We are continuing to feed him well with a low-grain diet and his walks will be stepping up to two a day to help build his wasted muscles further. Once recovered from his procedure, we will be taking him to weekly training sessions.  I’m not one for overly controlling a dog because I can, it always seems like some sort of power trip that I’m just not comfortable with. We are taking him as he already knows quite a few commands and he is incredibly clever and we think that weekly session of using his brain and socialising with his kind will really enrich his life. (Spending an hour in a room filled with puppers will be a real hardship for me, obviously.)

As he is so friendly, I am looking forward to beach trips and meals out in dog friendly pubs.  Things we were not able to experience with Arthur as he never recovered from his time as a stray and was always hostile to fellow canines, largely out of fear.  Cats and sheep were known to bully him senseless though.

Monty has a doggy cousin, Evy that he has met and we hope to foster a close relationship with her too, enjoying day trips, play dates and movie nights. After reading an article on theimportance of doggy friendships, Mr SV is passionate that he has his own friends and I couldn’t agree more


If you want to follow Monty’s journey, I will post regular pupdates on my Instagram account and will absolutely look to feature him and his adventures (especially his growing clothing collection) regularly on the blog.

I’m off to snuggle my badger boy before giving a road test to his new raincoat. Pictures will follow.

All my love,