English Country Garden Nightwear from Wild Geese London

Wild Geese London is so Victoria.  Beautiful designs, all with comfort at the core and created for women with a love of lounging. Could it be any more perfect for me?  I first discovered Wild Geese last year and shared the truth of my love of lounge-wear.  It’s true, I like to relax in comfortable attire and nightwear always has the edge.

Following on from Wild Geese’s debut collection of capsule nightwear, 2017 has marked the arrival of four stunning new ranges, all inspired by everything held dear to designer, Lauren’s heart.  The attention to detail that runs from the capsule names, to fabrics and even to the stunning packaging are all a testament to Lauren’s labour of love.  That is so important to me.  I don’t just want to buy thing that I like, I want them to be created and delivered with love and Wild Geese does just that.

In an English Country Garden

The English Country Garden capsule is inspired by the garden’s of British Summertime.  You know, bees buzzing around heavily scented Lavender, a climbing rose running rampant against a beautiful brick wall and evenings in the dying light as you sip a glass of Pimms.  That summer-infused essence is very much encapsulated in the Floral Cotton Chemise.  I love chemises for summer snoozing and this one is off-the-chart comfortable, yet also designed for living.

Happy Mail Heroine

Wild Geese have their packaging perfected.  This isn’t happy mail, it’s a letterbox gift. All that tissue paper and ribbon adds an extra layer of love to your purchase.  Even though I knew what was in the box, it felt like a birthday surprise as I unwrapped the cotton ribbon.

More letterbox gifts, I say.

Wild Geese Packaging

Wild Geese London Style

The English County Garden capsule is all created from organic cotton that is oh-so-soft  and incredibly light and airy.  The benefits of organic cotton are incredibly wide-reaching; from pesticide free growing to the creation of higher quality garments that are kinder to skin, It’s important to me to have that peace of mind.

Although the organic cotton is incredibly lightweight, the high fabric quality ensures that modesty is not compromised when the postman asks you to accept a parcel for number 32.

As a woman that lingers in her nightwear as long as she can, this is important.

Comfort and Style

The chemise is incredibly well designed, I’m 5’7 and the hem falls above the knee and the neckline sits high enough so that I don’t part escape in the night. (You know what I’m saying right?  I can’t be the only one.) I just love the adjustable straps and details to the front.  It’s those touches that reveal the high quality of the products.

Both hems are edged in the most beautiful broderie anglaise trim that adds a touch of 19th century charm to the modern pink floral print.

More from Wild Geese London

Do head over to Wild Geese to see all the details on the floral chemise as well as the rest of the collection.  There’s also three more beautiful capsules to explore, as well as an incredible end of season season sale that you have to check out. You’ll kick yourself if you miss it.

Wild Geese MODA

I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday, wafting around and feeling all serene. ( A girl can kid herself can’t she?)