Sunday Mornings with Bacon Express

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The Bacon Express launches exclusively at Harts of Stur next week.  To celebrate, I am honoured to have been invited to share my thoughts on this new kitchen gadget.

Weekend Delights

In my home, the weekend is when we indulge in greedy breakfasts. In the week, I tend to grab a cup of tea and maybe a slice of toast or a piece of fruit, if I’m lucky.  I love to cook and I adore eating, so our weekends are filled with pancakes, pastries and all kinds of frying pan created yummyness. However, Mr SV and I don’t always eat the same things, I’m on a journey to reduce my meat and dairy intake and my dearest has no dietary limitation.  The result of our mismatched appetites is that I’m often cooking multiple things, meaning his is piping hot and perfectly prepared, and  mine is often ‘well done’ and/or cold.

When Harts of Stur invited me to review the Bacon Express, I jumped at the chance.  Could this be the solution to my multiple breakfast dishes situation?

The Bacon Express

The Bacon Express is an upright bacon ‘toaster’. Designed to be a fuss-free, healthier way to cook and taking up a small amount of surface space, the machine is graced with 1950’s infused styling and is available in glossy black with chrome accents. After a good read though the instructions, I was ready to go.  First you preheat the machine, load your bacon to the non-stick plates and turn the illuminated dial to your preferred crispness preference. You close the lids and you bacon is cooked in minutes, with no splattering, no turning required and with a very easy clean up. It all sounded a bit too good to be true.

Easy like a Sunday Morning

With my heart set on scrambled free-range eggs and Mr SV in need of his beloved bacon sandwich. It seemed the perfect test for the Bacon Express. Usually I either juggle the two pans, which never works out well for one of us (me) or I end up cooking the bacon first, serving Mr SV his breakfast and then making my own, meaning we have to eat separately.

So, I warmed the Express as I blended my eggs, milk and butter, adding the bacon  to the toaster before beginning to scramble.  I used back bacon, and I was able to add four rashers to the Bacon Express.  Streaky bacon will allow you to cook more at once. I clamped the doors shut and focused on my eggs. I checked in once on the bacon, opening the door to peek as I’d not used it before.  Other then that, I paid no attention to the bacon cooking, freeing up my time for my own breakfast.

The express even beeps to let you know your bacon is ready.


Crispy Bacon

You don’t add any oil to the Bacon Express and the fat from the meat collects in an easily cleanable tray. The bacon came out perfectly cooked.  The fat was crisp and the meat tender and tasty, because it clamps the meat, I also felt it reduced shrinkage

The Bacon Express Verdict

If, like me, you have crispy  bacon lovers in your midst, but hate the mess of the grill or frying pan, the Bacon Express is absolutely  for you.  It was really easy to clean as the plates and drip tray all come apart for easy maintenance. What I particularly loved was how little attention I needed to pay to the cooking process, with no turning required and an alarm to let you know the food is ready, it left me free to do other things.  I love that.

Its uses may be limited, as in, it only cooks bacon, but the ease of use and health benefits completely sway my opinion. I tend to eat turkey or veggie bacon, so I’m looking forward to trying these out over the next few weeks. Mr SV, however, is cashing in on my easgerness to use the Bacon express and has been enjoying bacon topped macaroni cheese, lunchtime BLTs and a trusty Sunday morning bacon sandwich.

New and Exclusive to Harts of Stur

The Bacon Express is exclusively available for pre-order at Harts of Stur.

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The only questions is, tomato or brown sauce?