The Perfect Cuppa with Brew Tea Co.

There’s no denying my love affair with tea; This blog and Instagram is a wash with tea images. I talk about tea, I think about tea. I drink a lot of tea. It is THE elixir of life. I thought I’d sampled all that the tea world had to offer.  That was until I stumbled across Brew Tea Co.

The Brew Tea Co Discovery

My brother, James, and I recently visited our local garden centre in search of tea and cake. He went scone, I loaded the tray with a slice of orange and poppy seed cake and we obviously needed the obligatory tea to go with. I ordered my usual green tea, James delighted that the coffee shop stocked his favourite tea of choice, Chai, and placed his order. The young barista set to work, there was jar clinking, scooping, a little pouring and she delivered two beautiful glass infusion pots like I’d  never seen before.  Sleek and modern with an eye catching colour pop to finish the design, I was pretty mesmerised by these pots of tea joy. I’d fallen in love.

We sat outside in the breeze and chatted as our tea continued to brew, it was a wonderful ritual to talk and laugh for a few minutes as we checked in on the colour of our developing tea; watching the beautifully long strands of leaves  dance around inside.

I couldn’t wait to get pouring.

The Taste

I’m incredibly fussy about my tea, I hate bitter tea, some green blends can even leave me feeling a little nauseous. This can make ordering green tea a bit of a mine field. I was reassured by the delicate colour of the infusion as I poured. As if by magic, the Brew Tea Co pot strains as it delivers your brew to your cup. My tea was perfect. full of flavour and not a hint of bitterness, I absolutely had to find out more.

Brew Tea Co

A speedy internet search delivered me to the virtual door of Brew Tea Co, a Manchester based company who have updated the Great British tradition for the 21st century.  Their website is both informative and playful and it was a real pleasure to browse their contemporary products and luxurious tea blends.

Brew Tea Happy Mail

Packaging is important to me. As bricks and mortar shopping experiences become infrequent, I crave that personal touch and attention to detail from my online purchases and Brew Tea Co more than deliver. From the personalised ‘brewtime’ suggestion to the hand-written and gift-wrapped products, every layer was a delight.

I love how personal my delivery felt.

English Breakfast Tea

The English Breakfast blend is comprised of Indian Assam and Sri Lankan Ceylon leaves, which are rolled for maximum flavour. You simply deliver a scoop full to the pot, add the water, pop the lid back on and enjoy your brewtime.

I have to admit that during my brewtime I enjoy watching the leaves, preparing my cup and enjoying the ritual that the pot brings to my day.

I’m currently trying to reduce and replace my dairy consumption and enjoy my English Breakfast with coconut milk. Brew Tea Co’s blends have reduced tannin levels, meaning the tea is less bitter and doesn’t require additions to smooth the taste.  This was just perfect for me and a pot delivers me two mug fulls, with a slosh of extra hot water added for the second, equally yummy mugful.

The pot is really easy to clean as there is no fiddly chamber to contend with, the tea leaves can be tipped into the compost and the pot rinsed and washed as normal. I love that they come in the colours that co-ordinate with the tea blends and I absolutely want to collect more so that I can indulge friends and family with their very own Brew Tea pot experience. I really don’t want to share mine.

Get Yourself a Brew Tea Co Bargain

You can purchase all the pots, teas and accessories from the online store and you can receive £5 off an order of £20 or more using this link, which is a great way to get yourself a gorgeous pot or kit, or even top up your tea stash at a bargain price.

Go on, treat yourself to a whole new level of tea

I think it’s fair to say that Brew Tea Co is in my life to stay.  I want to sample more of their teas and indulge in the full range of accessories too. All this talking about tea has made me need one.

Happy brewing,