Finding My High-Heeled Feet


How I wish this was a post about high-heels.  Well, it is. Kind of.  This is not the post I was intending to write. If truth be told, I’ve been agonising over writing a post for about a week now. In-fact, I have a back-log of posts that I can’t wait to share that have had to sit on a shelf since November.  My unexpected break has left me excited to get back to my creative exploits.

The thing is, I didn’t expect it to be so hard to put finger to keyboard or lens to light.  As much as I tried to keep in touch with the insta-community and my fellow creative kind, I haven’t had the time that I did and now I’m having those ‘new kid in school’ anxieties.  So, this very short post is my ‘getting back in the saddle’ effort. Here’s hoping I’m not flung off and trampled to death.

The plan is to waffle on about some everyday things and rip off that blogging anxiety plaster.  So, if you’d like to be regaled with some seriously mundane moments of my life or you’re wondering whether I can squeeze in some more metaphors, read on. (You have been warned.)

So what has changed at Victoria’s Cottage?  Well, ignoring the house carnage that has been inflicted by Mr VC in his many months of Kevin McAllister style living. I can’t work out how the cooker has taken such a battering from a man who ate Haribo for dinner. (Seriously, lets not talk about it and focus on his successful single parenting of our many furry children -Insert traumatised face.)

In the months of my absence, I’ve developed a love of green tea. Perhaps this life development is a bit mundane to you.  If you knew my finicky eating ways, you’d know what a life development it is.  I’ve gone from heaving at the sight of it to craving the healthy goodness. My Doris and Co. collection is experiencing a whole new repertoire of herbal teas.  I feel positively saintly when whipping out my green tea bags at the offer of a cuppa.  We’ll ignore the re-discovery of Fry’s bars that accompany my evening Chamomile, shall we?  We all know that a healthy tea cancels out any calorific content consumed with it.

Add green tea to any unhealthy meal for complete absolution of all calorie sins.

Shoes have made a welcome return into my life.  I’ve always been a shoe lover. High-heels of all colours and designs were always my spurge of choice.  Somewhere in my teaching career, they disappeared. I suppose four inch points aren’t the best choice for a day’s teaching in a Drama studio.  I’m delighted that they have returned and I take pride in the female uniting discomfort that comes with stilettos. More shoes I say.  I may even dabble in a fashion post or two.  The jury is still out, so please do share your thoughts if this is something you would like to see featured.

In other news, little Arthur is struggling on.  My wee boy has so many lovely supporters on Instagram and they have cheered him on through allergic reactions, cancer surgeries and his other recurring ailments. (Thank goodness for PetPlan.) The poor pup has now developed Cushing’s syndrome and kidney disease, so we are showering in much-deserved TLC and weekly vets visits to get him as well as can be.

In the next week or so, I will be catching up with some outstanding posts, including a full bathroom makeover post and then it’s onward and upwards.




That just leaves me to say thank you to all those that messaged and emailed in my break.  Your support means so much and I’m so glad to be back – even if it is a bit scary.

Until the next post!