Outdoor Rituals with Iconic Lights

Iconic Lights

Iconic Lights is fast becoming a huge player in the lighting retail section.  It’s not hard to see why they’ve rapidly grown since their 2011 launch. When they asked me to feature some of their outdoor lighting, I jumped at the chance.

Many of my Instagram followers are familiar with my ongoing mission to be more in tune with the seasons.  I find that one of the best ways to embrace the UK’s seasonal offerings, is to get outside and really experience all that nature has to offer.  Obviously, that’s far more appealing in the long balmy days of summer.

Doris and Co


Solar Powered Cosy

It was during these long balmy days that my coach style lamp posts arrived. They are solar powered and lightweight, with adjustable heights, to enable you to create different effects and adjust to different settings and uses.  They were super quick to assemble, but do need attaching to something secure, using the long screws that are included.  I attached the bases to wooden panels, and packed the hollow foot of the lamp with sand to add some extra weight.  Once secured, they were good to go.

 All summer long they created a cosy glow for me to enjoy my daily ritual of enjoying my first of last cup of tea in the garden.

Iconic Lighting

Iconic Lighting from Iconic Lights

This year, I was determined that my ritual would continue all year round.  Yes, even now, on those frosty mornings. I want to get out there as dawn breaks and see the robins at the feeder and enjoy that frost. (Yes, I just typed that.)  I am all about lighting to create mood and atmosphere and I really think that a cosy glow is so important in making spaces feel and look cosy and warm.  My coach style lamps are perfect for this as their elevated position offers something different to the usual solar offerings. Now, let me repeat that the lights are solar, so, with our shorter, winter days, I do have to move them to the sunniest winter spot after my morning moments.  I also turn them to off, so that they don’t use up their light throughout the night.  Just that little bit of effort ensures I am cosy and that the scene is beautifully lit for the next morning.

Solar Lighting


I like to wrap up like Shackleton. Something I’ve taken a while to grasp. (‘I don’t know why I’m so cold all the time.’ – Said whilst wearing a t shirt and cardigan with token scarf.)  I cosy up up with nothing but my cheeks exposed. (Face cheeks, I hasten to add.) I add some blankets and I make the hottest cuppa I can brew and clutch it for dear life.  It’s heavenly. It really is.  Sitting amongst the candles and the Iconic lights, wrapped up as the birds sing and my breath swirls around me, sets me up for a content and productive day. I make time for my outdoor rituals every single dry day.

Get the details for the Coach Style Bollard Lights from Iconic Lights.

I know that my outdoor ritual will continue for seasons to come, with a little help from Iconic Lights.

Enjoy the final day of November 2016