Workspace Update – Five Months Later

It was all the way back in June that I posted my workspace room tour.  Although it’s not a very big room, it’s probably the most used room in the house.  As I now work from home,  I’m always in here to edit images, do general admin and anything else work related.  I really do love this room. Yet, in the five months that I’ve been working in here, lots of new additions have been added in.

You know what it’s like, you spot something somewhere, or you= realise that you just needed that little accessory to finish a room.  I always think that a room develops as you live in it and I certainly do spend most of my time in here. So, let me share with you my workspace update.

Workspace Storage

Storage, Storage, Storage.

The tricky aspect of this space is that it’s not particularly big, but it also needs to be kept as spacious as possible.  I will often shoot small products in here, to save me heading into the city to the studio. Keeping the furniture light, allows me to setup photography lights and sets and I can shoot tethered directly to my computer.  The problem I do have is storage.  I have a lot of kit and even more paperwork. Even though I’m still looking for a solution for some of my larger pieces of equipment, a simple shelf has really helped in the paperwork department.   The shelf is by Garden Trading and I managed to track down a brand new one on ebay.  We got to enjoy a lovely day in Bourton-on-the-Water when we collected it too.  It’s such a large, heavy duty shelf, which is perfect to store my files and folders.  The pegs really come in handy for earphones, wires and everything else I seem to drag around with me.  The  blush storage boxes and the marble and gold magazine files are TK Maxx finds and the white lever-arch files are from Paperchase.  I couldn’t resist making some little branded labels to keep me organised.  I certainly need all the help I can get when things get hectic.

Inspiring Corners

I like to surround myself with inspiration, motivation and celebration.

Working on your own is wonderful, but it’s also quite isolated.  Those moments of insecurity, defeat or uncertainty are magnified when you have no one to buffer you.  It’s so easy to forget how far you’ve come or even remember why you started.  I think it’s so important to put physical reminders and visual aids to keep me on track.  My metal noticeboard was in my first post and is now even more heavily adorned with thank-you cards, memories and motivational images.  I have added some twinkling lights to lighten the darkest of days.  We all need some sparkle at this time of year anyway.

Yet another noticeboard has been added too.  It was one of those TK Maxx ‘I have to have this’ moments.  You get them too, right?  I use it to keep track of my finances, and reward myself by filling it with lovely images and cards when I get through the receipts and invoices.  I did change the bulldog clips on it as they were originally unsightly black ones.  The little gold clips help carry the gold accent colour through the room.

My final inspiring corner has been created by the arrival of my prints from The Photography Show, from earlier this year.  Not only are the images an honest representation and reminder of who I am, (Don’t think many people have a photograph of apple crumble on their wall.) but they also remind me of my achievements and how you never know what is around the corner.

These three little areas of my room always lift my spirits, refocus my thoughts and set me up for a new day.

V for Victory.

I like to be a little bit narcissistic in here.  I can admit it.  I mean, where else can I be all about me?  Little gold ‘V’s are appearing everywhere.  What started with a wall letter has now spread to a charming cushion and delectable desk dish. (Thank you M & S) Who knows if my self-indulgent habit will continue to spread. Could the next workspace update feature some sort of self-worshipping altar? (Hold on, I’m just creating a Pinterest board for that very idea.)  In the meantime, I will enjoy my little golden Vs in all their glory.

Hammam & Home Luxury Throw

I love to be comfortable.  There is no more needed time to be comfortable than when you’re working.  If you’re not familiar with Hammam and Home, you need to be.  The brand is all style and luxury.  Stunning Turkish towels and blankets that set my heart a flutter.  I knew I had to collaborate with them.  I opted for the stunning herringbone throw in ‘pebble‘.  It is the absolute perfect shade of grey and the cotton fabric is oh so soft.  It can be touched by no one but me.  I’m not often selfish in the throw department, but needs must.  Although it is a lovely lightweight cotton, it’s so large, that when folded in to halves or quarters, it is so warm and soft and keeps me cosy even on the chilliest of days.  It really finishes off my comfy work chair.  I simply love it.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate tassels?

More Soft Furnishings

Not a cushion or a throw this time.  My final workspace update is my little cotton rug.  Rugs are so on trend, but I can’t yet cope with all the pattern and colour that is so popular right now.  I’m just not that cool.  I do, however, love a rug.  I like simple and washable designs that add warmth and interest without dominating a space. The rug is so simple in its striped design and earns extra points for being made in fair trade cotton too.  I’ve popped it in the washing machine four times now and it has come out perfectly each time. Arthur and the girls can definitely vouch for its comfort as they often keep me company in here. I recommend popping over to Perfectly Lovely Interiors and checking out the rug collection.

Happy Sunday!