Luxury Soy Candles from Sandwick Bay

Soy candles are the only candle I want in my home.  As a woman who has a lot of candles in her home, this decision has been a long time coming. I burn candles all year round.  I am addicted to that cosy, flickering glow and I adore the way a favourite scent will dance around my home, bookmarking moments and seasons in my memory.

I also know that I am not alone in this passion.  As Autumn has crept into our days, the sea of romantically lit bathrooms and mantelpieces have washed over the beautiful images of Instagram. I really couldn’t be happier to see so many indulging in the delights of home candles.

Why is soy so important?

The benefits of soy candles are numerous, and cover environmental, well-being and safety considerations.  I’m very happy to live in a time when more and more soy candles are being produced by small, artisan creators.  There are a huge range available and I’ve tried quite a few. Yet, during the last few years I’ve managed to narrow down the criteria for my perfect scented candle:

  1. The candle must be soy with a cotton wick. (To prevent those sooty marks)
  2. The candle must be beautiful to look at.  I don’t want to look at a brand label.
  3. The candle must be scented with premium oils, yet it can’t emit too much fragrance when lit.  So many candles trigger migraines for me.
  4. The candle needs to be within a £10 – £20 budget. (I personally can’t justify spending any more on a candle.  I personally don’t feel that extra expense gains anything.)
  5. The candles, ingredients and any company connected to the producer must not test on animals.

So, yeah.  It’s fair to say that I’m fussy in the candle department.

Until a little brown box arrived at my door, I’d not yet found that elusive perfect candle. You know, the one that ticks every box?  My search is now over.

Sandwick Bay Soy Candles

I have a firm no animal testing policy on products featured on Victoria’s Cottage, so the fact that you are reading this feature, means that these beautiful soy candles do not include any animal tested ingredients.  So, with that ticked off my perfect candle criteria, I’d like to take you back to the moment the parcel arrived.

I’ll skip the excitement stage and the looking for the scissors stage.  I’m even going to fast forward through the careful tape cutting and cardboard pulling bit. Let’s go to the first meeting between candle and candle lover…

As I unearthed the first candle from the box, I was instantly smitten with the aesthetic of Sandwick Bay Candles.

Owner and creator, Megan, has really thought about every detail.  The candles are clearly labelled on the base and lid.  The glass jar, which is stunning, is completely naked.  No branded label to interfere with the cosy glow that glimmers and sparkles through. Heaven!

Sandwick Bay Product Shoot

The crystal glass jar is so unusual and I love that during the life of the candle, it adds such beauty to each lighting.  Yet, when the candle has flickered its last flame, the jar can provide a home to tealights and treasure for years to come.  I just love this aspect of Megan’s candles.  It really shows the level of thought and consideration that has gone into her customers and not just creating a brand and producing lovely candles. I’ve styled the candles in various rooms and spaces over the last few weeks and they are just beautiful, they just work so well in all kinds of decor.

All Sandwick Bay Candles are soy, with cotton wicks meaning they will burn slower and cleaner on top of all the other glorious benefits.  The wax is a pure, creamy white and each one is blended and then expertly hand-poured in the Outer Hebrides.

Each candle is given such loving care and attention to ensure that each one meets the exceptionally high standard of Sandwick Bay.

Sandwick Bay Candles

Scented Soy

The fragrance, is of course, the main feature of any luxury soy candle.  There is little point to a beautiful candle that doesn’t come up with the goods in the scent department.  I had the pleasure of trying four from the range:

Pink Champagne and Pomelo – sparkling Champagne blended with delicious citrus fruits of sweet grapefruit, Brazilian orange and pink pommels enlivened with hints of tart rhubarb and fresh, juicy watermelon.

Frangipani – recreate the scent of one of the most beautiful flowering trees.

Oakmoss and Amber – a strong earthy fragrance with musk and woody base notes combined with amber, lavender and orange top notes. Sure to become a top selling fragrance.

Sandalwood and Vanilla – a soft floral with smooth woody notes including warm amber, orchid, jasmine and a creamy vanilla overlay

Doris and Co

I just love these fragrances.  They are rich and balanced, prominent, but not overpoweringly so.

I’ve lit the candles for many hours at the the time of writing this post and I’ve never felt overwhelmed by the fragrances or had a single glimmer of a migraine.  The blends that Megan has created are beautiful, and really smell luxurious and definitely are not the kind of blends that you find on the high street.  Pink Champagne is my favourite of the ones that I sampled. I love it’s fruity and feminine scent and it’s definitely the one I keep moving around the house to wherever I am.  Though, saying that, the other scents are not far behind on the love scale either.

So, with Autumn firmly with us and the evenings drawing in, there is not better time to head to the Sandwick Bay Candle website and stock up your Autumn home with the most beautiful soy candles on the whole of the internet.

I’m off to get the house cosy ready in time for Mr VC’s return from work.