Spotlight Stationery’s Seriously Good Subscription

I love a good subscription box.  They manage to combine specialist indulgences with the element of surprise.  Who doesn’t love that combination?  Whether you are gifted a subscription box, or you treat yourself, they deliver a little luxury joy to your letterbox. I was lucky enough to receive a Stationery Spotlight subscription box and I couldn’t wait to share some seriously good stationery with you all.

Spotlight Stationery

Spotlight Stationery is a Husband and Wife led company that specialises in all that is contemporary artisan paper, pens and pencils. They offer a range of one-off and regular stationery box subscriptions to satisfy even the most fanatical stationery lover. As a proud member of the group, I was delighted when they asked me to review their latest box.

My love affair with all things desk-bound began at an early age.

Whilst my interests in life have developed and changed, I cannot resist wandering into stationery shops. My pencil case (yes, I have many) will always be overfilled and I will forever have a huge stash of cards, notelets, paper and anything else you can list, to whip out at the perfect opportunity.  Who knew those childhood trips to the post office, focused on collecting an endless array of forms to be filled in, would set me up for a life of desk desire. (I was a unique child.)

Spotlight Stationery Box

You can only imagine my excitement when the highly anticipated Spotlight Stationery box slipped through my letterbox. No, really.  There was happy dancing. On opening, I was greeted with a vibrant burst of blue and what I consider to be the greatest external validation of my whole life.

‘Indulge Your Passion for Stationery’.

I am not one to argue with life’s not-so-hidden messages.

Thank you, Spotlight Stationery.  I tucked right in.

Reviving the Art of Correspondence

My whole ethos for my life and blog is about indulging in traditional, simpler times, to create a fulfilling life. The theme of writing to others, using quality pens and paper rally appeals.  Whist I don’t often write to friends and family, I do like to communicate professionally in the hand-written word.  I think the time and personal attention demanded by the act of physically writing, says so much about how one values others.  The box was jam packed with stationery delights. I love that this feels like a serious stationery lover’s collection. You know, for grownups.

Inside the Spotlight Stationery box, I received:

A set of 6 A6 notecards with blue lined envelopes.

An A5 pad of finest quality writing paper.

Dex Compact Clear Ink Liner and a tin of replacement cartridges

Lonetree Greetings Card

A set of four postcards featuring the designs of different young illustrators

The notelets, writing paper and envelopes exude style and quality. The sort of paper that is equally enjoyable to write on, as it is to receive it through your door. It will be an absolute delight to send those out.  As for the Dex Liner, I absolutely adore this pen.  It uses ink refills, like a fountain pen, but has a roller-ball style, ink liner nib, which is so much easier to write with.  I’ve been using it endlessly since it arrived.  I love its fluid feel and comfortable grip. Continuing the red and blue theme in the box, a beautiful greetings card from Lonetree, is included.  It’s always such a good idea to have cards to hand, for those forgotten celebrations.  Although, I do think this one is beautiful enough to be framed.

Finally, four illustrated postcards complete the contents.  Postcards are a brilliant, no-pressure approach to getting communication out of your inbox and into the post-box.  The writing space is smaller, but the sentiment is strong.  Spotlight Stationery pride themselves on showcasing the work of young artists. Each box contains four new postcards, with a sheet detailing the artist behind each card.  It’s so refreshing to find a company that is passionate about supporting the next generation.

I loved how this box delivered beautiful stationery pieces, that I may never have had the flair to find and select for myself.  I know that each item has become a treasured piece in my well-loved stationery stash and has awakened a new appetite for more traditional and serious pieces. You can find out more about Spotlight Stationery and their subscription boxes at their website.






The Spotlight Stationery subscription box mentioned in the above post were gifted for review purposes. All opinions are always my own, honest and uninfluenced.