Beyond PJs with Wild Geese London

I’m going to be very open and honest in today’s blog. Please, try not to judge too harshly when I say that I’m writing this post in my PJs. Actually, about 80% of the posts you’ve ever read on So Victoria have been written in my PJs. I spend as much as my life as I can in them. What can I say? I seriously love PJs and  challenge anyone who suggests that there is anything better to wear when within your own four walls.

I am absolutely that person that gets straight back into comfy attire as soon as I’m out of outside view.  If you come to my door, I’m afraid you run the very high risk of seeing me in all my pink panda PJ glory. I mean, why would I want to be anything other than completely comfortable?  It wasn’t until I stumbled across Wild Geese Loungewear, that I realised I could be comfortable without sacrificing style too.

Yes, you heard me.  Daytime jammies are not the uniform of the slobbish. There is another way.  There is a third choice beyond PJs. Thank goodness for Wild Geese.

Wild Geese Goes Beyond PJs

Wild Geese is the creation of designer, Lauren Yates.  The brand represents all that inspires Lauren. Think Grecian holidays, classic movies and all that calm and comfort provided by both.

Lauren  has used life’s joys to  inspire her stunning range of luxury, British-made lounge garments.  Pink Panda PJs are firmly behind me.  This is exactly what my life had been waiting for.  The range is split into five SS16 collections and the over-arching theme is absolute style with comfort. It seems that, like me, there are women out there that love to spend their home life in their PJs.

 Wild Geese is definitely beyond PJs.

The five collections are filled with cotton chambray, soft jersey and just a touch of Gatsby inspired Satin.  Only the softest, lightest and most comfortable of fabrics appear, along with the most gorgeous of lace and pom-pom trims. This kind of attention to detail really makes me happy. This detail and love packaged into every Wild Geese piece was evident on arrival of my parcel.

 Perfect Packaging

I need ribbon wrapped boxes in my life.  It may not have arrived under the instruction of my beloved, but I’m more than OK with that. I feel the need to quote Destiny’s Child to truly communicate my happy independence.  However, I’m not sure I could pull that off at all.  My tissue paper lined box of joy was a delight, even before I got to peek the true beauty within.

It was difficult to choose, I will admit that. However, I opted for the Santorini Lounge trousers. Inspired by Aegean waters, these azure and white floral print bottoms are the softest, silkiest fabric I’ve ever had the pleasure to wear. They are loosely fitted, with an elasticated waist to adjust to your body as you rest or lounge. I just love Saturday morning breakfast in the garden

wearing these. They always leave me feeling like I’m on holiday. Who am I kidding? I love wearing these all the time. They are cool, comfortable and give me every confidence when opening the door at 2pm. They are simply stunning. I highly recommend you check them out at the Wild Geese website.

Stylish Separates

There are a range of different style separates in each collection and in many cases you can definitely mix and match between them.  I selected two tops from the basics line, which have been purposely designed to work with any of the prints and patterns. It must be pointed out that these pieces are by no means basic in terms of quality.

I love sleeping in vests as they stop me from overheating in bed, and are easy to layer with cardigans, jumpers or wraps during the day or evening. The Wild Geese vests are super-soft jersey and the straps are a little wider than usual, which adds so much more comfort.  The little vents on the side are perfect for allowing movement as you sleep too.

I have to say, the slouchy top is hard to beat. It’s lightweight, loose fit is an absolute dream to wear. The super slinky fabric is stunning to both eye and touch.  You could even layer them both during the winter months, if, like me, you live in an older house.

I may have found my newest sleepwear favourite.

Wild Geese at MODA Exhibitions

It is so wonderful when you find a brand that embodies all that you hold dear.  Wild Geese’s dedication to quality, style and comfort, along with its’ ethically low carbon footprint makes it a Victoria’s Cottage favourite.  I did get to check out their new AW16 and SS17 line at today’s Moda Exhibition. I cannot resist sharing a glimpse.

Again the range is pure joy, filled with pastels, jersey and a little sexy satin too.  I need more Wild Geese in my life.

On a longer term note,  prepare for more blog posts written from beyond PJs


The Wild Geese garments mentioned in the above post were gifted for review purposes. All opinions are always my own, honest and uninfluenced.