The Perfect Modern Country Style Bedroom

A country influenced bedroom is my ideal style to create a relaxing space to spend my nights. I love the soft, feminine feel of modern country interiors and knew that my bedroom would follow this design theme.

It has to be said that my bedroom is not yet finished, in-fact it is still home to a lot of the fall-out from converting our second bedroom from man-cave to home -office.

This being said, I have been on the hunt for the perfect bed set for many months to create my perfect country style bedroom.

Is it just me that likes to agonise over my interiors, until the perfect solution steps into view?

My Country style bedroom dilemma

The problem is, I had a dilemma. To be perfectly honest, it’s not just one dilemma, it’several issues:

Issue 1

I was raised in the 1980s, when everything in interiors matched. I mean, EVERYTHING actually matched. I can recall my Mum decorating my bedroom. The superhuman wonder-woman, that I am proud to be the daughter of, spent days stripping wallpaper, painting, wallpapering, sewing, tweaking and styling. If only I had a picture that captured the height of 1980s childhood bedrooms. I just adored it.

The walls were expertly covered in a pink rosebud wallpaper, I had matching pink rosebud curtains, rosebud lampshade, full rosebud bed set, adorned with frills and matching valance. It was a vision. It was the talk of my primary school friends. It’s a wonder I ever found my bed in the camouflage that was my 1980s rosebud print bedroom. Florals, frills and matching soft furnishings have been with me ever since. Yet in recent years, I have wanted to move away from the ‘matching bed set and curtains approach’. I am probably very behind the times, but I felt it was time to experiment.

Issue two

Mr VC makes few requests about the house, but he recently shared that he would really like a ‘brown bedroom’. (Let’s not consider what he actually envisioned.) I interpreted that his preference as a natural linen shade and loved the idea of creating a peaceful and neutral space to read and sleep in. Then a pair of natural linen curtains were discovered that were both simple and luxurious and the seeds of my country style bedroom were well and truly sewn.

I never considered that finding the right bedding would be so hard. Endless perusals through department stores, scouring the internet, interrogating friends have been completed, but I couldn’t find the right set that matched the natural tones of my curtains and oozed that country style that I so desperately wanted. I was not at a place in my life where I am ready to reach for the plain dye bedding, yet I feared that my options were running out.

iliv InteriorTextiles

That was until I stumbled across a never before seen website.

iliv Interior Textiles is a luxury living website that sells stunning home furnishings and accessories. I made my way to the bedding section and worked my way through their ranges and that was when I saw it. The Bird Garden design is part of the Henley collection and is inspired by English gardens and glorious countryside. The bedding was as if it had been designed especially for me. The natural colour way was a perfect match to my linen curtains and the stylish combination of stripes and florals was everything I had envisioned.

Creating the Country Bedroom Look

To create the soft, layered look that works so well in modern country style bedrooms, I ordered the bed set and the coordinating pillow shams, cushions and throw. Then the wait began. Thanks to speedy delivery, within a few days I was joyfully ripping open packets to admire my newly selected bedding. I have to say. I’ve purchased a lot of bedding in my time.

You know those bizarre teenagers that would save their Saturday job wages to buy bedding? No? Yeah, that was me. (I know, it’s weird.)

This is the softest brand new bedding that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Each piece is 100% cotton, which is ideal for those with allergies, due to its hypoallergenic qualities. Did I mention it was super soft? What really stood out to me was the small finishing touches, the hand sewn wooden buttons that sit beautifully on the pillowcases and the gorgeous ties that secure the reverse of the pillow shams. Even Mr VC commented that ‘it’s a really lovely set’ as he was tying a pillow into its cover. This, from a man who suggested a ‘brown bedroom’.

Attention to detail is glaringly obvious and it stands it apart from the majority of the bedding competition out there.

The Finished Look

I love the pairing of stripes and floral, and the design has managed to strike the perfect balance, resulting in a country bedroom that is neither floral and fussy or twee. The finished look is exactly what I was hoping for and iliv has become a firm favourite in my browser bar. My eye is firmly locked on so many of their cushions, not to mention the luxury faux fur throws. I recommend a good browse through their online store.With my soft furnishings sorted, I can finally move on to finishing my perfect country style bedroom.


Most of the items mentioned above were gifted by Coatez Home for the purpose of review writing. All opinions are always my own, honest and uninfluenced