Workspace Makeover

Many of my Instagram followers will know that since we moved to our ‘bijou’ cottage, my workspace was a nook in our bedroom.  The second bedroom was home to Mr. SV’s retro gaming setup.  Yes, I should have taken pictures.  But, I didn’t want to.

 Let’s just say that Mr. SV’s interior style of choice is ‘1990’s student’ with a sprinkling of ‘heroin chic’.

He once asked if we really needed a bed as he’d prefer to have the mattress of the floor.  I didn’t reply.  I couldn’t, I was crying on the inside.  Yet, what he lacks in style, he more than makes up for in generosity and he kindly offered to donate his room to me.  I didn’t say no.  I’m not sure he would have let me. He has had more than his fair share of disturbed sleep from my random, yet enthusiastic 2am sewing sessions. I had myself a new workspace.

Workspace Style

The Room

The room is small, a box room, almost, which is a great size for a home office, really.  You give me space and I shall spread my mess into it.  It’s best to keep me contained.  So, I painted the room white.  Yes, I said white.  No Farrow and Ball, no fancy paint, no fashionable brands or colours.  Just Dulux Brilliant White. I live in a tiny cottage, with small windows and I need light and airy to live.  I adore the sense of calm that is created when using pure white and it tends to take on the tones of the accessories in the room.  So, even though every room upstairs is painted the same colour, each room feels different.

Using the same colour on the walls, ceiling and woodwork is also quicker and easier and I am always an advocate of that.

I ripped up the tired beige carpet that was inherited in the move and opted for a laminate flooring by Hygena.  It has a rustic, country finish and is suitable for commercial floors, meaning it will last.  As the room is on the cute and little side, it took just a day to fit it with the help of my brother.  With the basics done (how easy was that?), it was time to start making it my own.  Did I plan out and mood board?  No.  I go with the flow, I can’t help but feel that rigidly planning prevents ideas developing.  So, I prefer to have a rough idea and then do endless amounts of window shopping until I find the pieces that makes my heart swoon.   I knew that I wanted to use my blog branding colours of grey and pale coral, not only do I love them together but, any images I use of my working environment will fit in beautifully with the visual identity of what I do. Win, win!

The Furniture & Accessories

With my colour scheme in mind, it was time to seek out and add the elements that make a room.  I knew that I didn’t just want a functioning work space.  Space is at a premium in my home, so every room must be well organised but also multi-purpose.  I envisioned somewhere geared towards productivity, but also a little space to read, knit or relax in.  Creating light and airy is always important, but also somewhere that could easily convert to cosy for the darker months.  Finally, I needed somewhere that could easily double as a small home photography studio, for when I’m asked to shoot small products or flat lays. My lighting is stashed away, as it collapses down, so until it’s needed, no one would ever know.

So, Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.  Where is everything from?

I spend so much writing and even more time editing pictures.  Seriously, editing is often the biggest part of my working week and I need to be comfortable.  With this as my goal, I opted for Ikea’s Jennylund armchair.  It’s small enough to drag from its relaxing position to its working position and even better, it has washable covers.  This is ideal for me as I am a Mother of cats (very hairy ones) and, I love to have style options for when the mood takes me.  To add a luxurious feel, I added cushions and throws.  Not only does it look lovely, but it adds comfort too.

Workspace Deskie

  • Grey linen cushion is so beautifuland was found at Perfectly Lovely Interiors. (Can you tell I’m a fan?)
  • The Pale coral velour cushion is from Dutch Design and was found at Achica.
  • The grey cotton knit throw is a Laura Ashley piece.  I just love the contrast of textures in the soft furnishings.
  • My working space is still my beloved Hemnes bureau.  I lusted for it for so long that I couldn’t even consider trading it in for a more computer friendly desk.  I love the storage that it offers and so worked on adding as much interest and storage to it as possible.
    • The pale coral storage boxes are from TK Maxx. (Can’t find them in their limited online shop.)
    • The desk organiser with drawers is part of Sainsbury’s Scandi range
    • The desk lamp is from the Barometer range from Ikea
    • Gold lidded candle is from Shearer Candles
    • Gold ‘V is fromPosh Graffiti. (Other letters and colours are available.)
    • Stationery is a mixture of items from Laura Ashley, Kikki K and TK Maxx as I’m clearly addicted to pens and paper.

    It’s a good job it’s a small room really, could you imagine the size of the post if the room was larger? Don’t forget to head over to my Instagram account as I will be launching a very exciting giveaway, this afternoon, in conjunction with Cottonball Lights.

    Thank you so much for joining me on my little room tour.  It has been an absolute pleasure! Let me leave you with a little video…