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let me introduce you to tableware with soul from Doris & Co.

Sometimes, we encounter things that speak to our soul; they bring us comfort, inspiration or simple joy.  It was during my visit to Dimpsey Glamping, that I was introduced to Doris & Co. If you have read the post, you will know that the Shepherd Hut is a hive of all thing British and Beautiful, and when I first laid my eyes on a Doris & Co mug, I experienced joy, comfort and inspiration all at once. First, it was the creamy, Georgian shape that caught my eye.  Next, the beautifully detailed illustration that led my eyes to the phrase, ‘Hold Fast.’  I felt that little feeling that we all feel inside when we hear something much needed, right at the perfect moment.  In a world saturated in meaningless typography and overused words plastered onto any available surface, this was different.  I had to find out more.

After all, I don’t know about you, but when I am reaching for a tea bag, it’s often not out of thirst, it’s for comfort, reflection or motivation.  What a perfect moment to be given a little help in whatever the day has put before you. If you take a visit to Doris & Co.’s website you will find a luxury range, of not just mugs, but cheeseboards, jugs, tea towels and more.  All of the pieces share beautiful designs that have real meaning.  As I browsed through and created a wish list (I couldn’t help myself!), I found so many pieces that felt as though they had been designed just for me. I contacted Doris & Co to share my delight and I was kindly gifted a selection of ‘Dorisware’ to share with you.

Doris and Co ‘Dorisware’

From Small Acorns Half Pint Mug

This is my most used mug at home.  In my case, the half pint mug is the perfect serving of tea.  It is wonderfully designed to create the ideal hot drink experience. Every detail is perfect. From the thickness of the pottery to the size and shape of the handle, it is simply joyous to drink from.  No matter how many times I read it’s motif, I am inspired. Whether it’s the day ahead, or the start of a daunting new venture.

My mug spurs me on and wishes me good luck and also reminds me, that even the smallest of beginnings can lead to wonderful things.  I think we all could do with that.

Each mug is beautifully boxed and the half pint includes a floral surprise.

Little Poppet Mug

My Mum always called me ‘Poppet’ as a child.  It makes me feel so loved and comforted whenever I think of her loving voice saying it to me. The quarter pint mugs are perfect for teeny hands and I can’t wait to hand my mug down to my future children and share with them the love behind the endearing design.  For now, I love having my last mug of tea at night from this one.  Not only do I feel all warm and cosy from the memories it evokes, but it’s the perfect size for me to not be nipping to the loo all night!  Mr. SV is rather partial to his morning macchiato in this one too.

‘Old Friends are Best’ Tea Towel

I have to admit that I’m something of a tea towel hoarder.  Firstly, I am a firm believer that you can never have too many and secondly, I love to be surrounded by beautiful things and that includes tea towels.  Doris tea towels have such old-world charm, they are really large, 100% cotton and wash beautifully, it will certainly last for years to come.  The perfect reminder that old friends are most definitely best.

Made of Stern Stuff Nipper Board

The most perfect motif for Doris’ Nipper Boards.  This is now the most used piece of kitchenalia in my home.  It is so versatile and so very beautiful too.  I use mine to chop and prepare vegetables and also to slice bread.  I have served all sorts of food from it, including a cheese platter and can’t wait to use it in the oven with round cheese for a tasty starter. I’m so smitten with mine that I intend to purchase the full range of boards to hang on the wall in the kitchen, they have such vintage style and will work so well to accent my country style.

I’m sure you can see why I am now a self-proclaimed Doris & Co collector.  My wishlist is set and I am ready to add more beauty and meaning to even the simplest of daily activities.

You can find out more about Doris & Co on their website.

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I’m off to fill my mug with a post-blog coffee, but before I go, I have to ask, which Doris & Co design is your favourite? Leave me a comment below to tell me.